Dopusrt.exe /col --> Crash if more than 16 items

As in the subject if i try to add more than 16 items at once to a collection
Like [quote]dopusrt.exe /col add [ […]][/quote]
DOpus will Crash with the error shown in the attached picture.
Is 16 items at once the Limit? Would be great, if this limit could be increased to "unlimited" :wink:

I just tried adding 20 items at once and it didn't crash for me. Maybe it's related to the total length of the command - could you post the actual command you're using?

Hi John,

you're absolutely right. It depends NOT on the items passed and also NOT to the total length.

As far as i tried to track down this error, it's exactly this combination

that will end up in a crash.
I've tried to add each of the items one by one. That's ok.
Also if i remove any one of the items the command will go ok.
Hope you can reproduce the error.

Thanks, will be fixed in the next version.