DOpus's UI scaling cannot change as the system DPI changes

For some reason, my computer's DPI is constantly adjusted. For example, the computer screen resolution in my office is 4K and the zoom is 200%. The computer screen at home is 1080P and the zoom is 100%. After I finish my work and return home, I will use RDP to control my office computer. At this time, RDP will adjust the scaling of the office computer to be consistent with the scaling of the Client, that is, the computer at home (100%). In this case, most of the Some applications (such as chrome) can detect DPI changes and make adjustments, but DOpus cannot. Specifically, the font of the entire DOpus application looks particularly large.

There is a workaround here, which is to kill the DOpus process and then restart DOpus. At this time, DOpus will display normally. But this is obviously a bit cumbersome, so is it possible for DOpus to automatically detect changes in scaling and adjust?

PS: The reproduction steps do not require the use of RDP, just use a computer and manually adjust the scaling in the Windows display settings.

To summarize, I know that DOpus already displays very good on high DPI screen, it just cannot detect DPI changes and automatically adjust.

See How to Exit Directory Opus for how to cleanly restart Opus, else you could corrupt your config.

In terms of automatic restarts on DPI changes, it's something we've been thinking about. The main issue is making sure it doesn't happen when something (e.g. a long file copy) is going on or in a way that gets in the way of other things. But it would make sense.

Thanks for your reminder.

It is very nice to hear that you are thinking about this, which is really trouble for me. Maybe we can add a setting item to make users choose, hoping to see some changes on Dopus 13.