Dotfile file type issue

When a file won't have name (dotfile), only an extention like ".htacess" ".gitignore" ".project" ".php" the type column will away indicate "File" as file type. That will also have incidence on "sort by type" behavior. The issue won't impact icons and the doubleclick actions.

It's really not a critical issue, but it could be good to fix this.
Thank you.

Our convention is that a name like .hidden is just a name, with no extension or type.

(Many years ago, there was no special handling of them, and it made a few things harder or less useful, although I forget the exact details.)

You could use Evaluator Groups (or Evaluator Columns) to make a grouping or column that uses a different convention, if you want to group all the .hidden, .htaccess, .gitignore etc. files together or in separate groups for each one.