Double-click any icon opens DOpus

Recently when I double-click any shortcut icon on the Windows 11 desktop an Opus window opens instead of the target app. The file explorer replacement option in Opus is turned off. If I right-click and choose run as administrator the correct app opens.

It sounds like something has set up an Open With association on the .exe file type, which should be not be possible via the UI in Opus or Explorer but can happen via other methods (e.g. directly via the registry).

Similar issues and solutions from some years ago:

If that doesn't work, please attach the diagnostics mentioned in the two threads, and also let us know the version of Opus.

This seems to affect only the desktop icons. EXE files open normally with double-click in Opus 10 listers and File Explorer. Regedit didn't show the issues mentioned in the other threads.

Did you make the diagnostics?

My DO 10 settings/file types file menu has no diagnostics option, only import, export or close. If you are suggesting some other diagnostic process in Windows 11 or DO, please specify exactly how to find it.

I tried to link my account, but it said my registration was already linked to another account. I could not find my original password when I opened the forum, so I opened a new account under CBanks. My user name shown in DO license manager is Cecil N. Bankston, but the forum sign-in didn't recognize that name.

Opus 10 isn't recommended on Windows 11, it's 10 years older than the OS it's running on.

The story gets even stranger. I shut down the computer to connect a new speaker system. When I turned the computer on again the desktop icons all opened their target apps when double-clicked. I do shut down the computer every night, and I can't imagine how plugging in the new speakers should have had any effect on the problem.

In any case DOpus continues to work as well as it always has. If I do have any other problems that may need forum assistance, is there any way to get my account linking to work?

Thanks for your assistance.

It's linked to Helen's account. We can swap it over to this one if you prefer. Just let us know.