"Double-Click on the Desktop" doesn't work


With beta 12.22.3, double-clicking on the desktop to open the default lister doesn't do anything (Preferences > Launching Opus > From the Desktop).

Beta 12.22.2 works as expected.

Windows 10 build 2009 (19042.662)

Nothing related changed between the two betas, so it's unlikely to be due to that. (It's also still working OK on our own machines.)

Sometimes antivirus blocks dopusrt.exe from launching at startup, or other tools which intercept desktop clicks/double-clicks block it from seeing the clicks (sometimes unless it is the last tool to be started).

  • Check in Task Manager / Start-up that the "Directory Opus Helper Application" has not been disabled there.

  • Try adding dopusrt.exe and dopus.exe to any antivirus / antimalware whitelists. (If using Windows Defender, there are two separate whitelists, one for the antivirus scanner and one for the "Protected Folders" feature.)

  • Select Preferences / Launching Opus / From the Desktop / Disable then click Apply, then re-select the option you want and click Apply again. That should (re-)start dopusrt.exe and can fix issues caused by other software interfering with Opus (but they may come back after the next reboot).

  • Make sure dopus.exe has not been launched elevated: Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator under UAC

Thank you for your pointers, I was able to fix the issue but I'm not sure what the solution was.

I gave another try to beta 3 today and immediately started Opus without rebooting. The same bug happened again -- default lister not opening when double-clicking on the desktop. (I should mention that I use Opus as Windows Explorer replacement.)

I checked the startup list and the helper app was not even there, although dopusrt.exe is definitely present in the install folder. The process could indeed have been temporarily blacklisted by Windows Defender, but I suppose it would have occurred on other systems as well?

Anyway, I simply rebooted my machine, and dopusrt.exe was functional again. It's rather odd, I never had to do that before with previous Opus betas. I will report if the issue happens again in future versions.

Thanks again for your help!

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Quick follow-up after the 12.23.0 release.

Same problem happens right after installation, double-click refuses to work. I checked the task manager and noticed that dopusrt.exe was running but doing nothing. I killed both dopus.exe and dopusrt.exe processes, then relaunched DOpus without rebooting. Double-clicking works again, problem solved.

Strange that it's only been happening since the last two builds. At least I can rule out any interference from Windows Defender.