Double Click Speed

Hello Directory Opus users and support team,

I have had an issue that has just occurred recently where if I click on one item within the listener then another within 2-3 seconds it performs a double click action instead of the expected single click action ( such as selecting an item ).

I am using version 12.31 and have not modified any settings in over a month in Directory Opus, this issue has started in the last week.

Is there a way to set double click speed, or is this a known issue? ( was unable to find a similar problem on the forum ) my expected time between clicks should be 0.3-0.5 seconds.

This issue only happens with Directory Opus, other file managers and Windows applications work fine.

Thank You


Also is it an option somewhere to treat each file separate so even if I clicked on each file super fast within 0.2 or less seconds the second clicked would not open.

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It sounds like your Windows mouse settings are very messed up. Both the double-click time and the amount the mouse can move between clicks to still register a double-click sound like they're configured with much larger values than makes sense.

Hi Leo,

I reinstalled Directory Opus and it seemed to of fixed the problem, very strange issue, was even more strange as Directory Opus was the only application having this problem.

Anyway seems good for now, thanks for your reply.