Double-clicking makes folder "STICKY" and moves it


I use D.O Pro, ver. (4779) x64, on Win 7 Ult. I have organized Lister in "Dual Horizontal" configuration in a way to display "Folder Tree" in a left pane and two Folders in the right pane.

I use Folder Tree for navigation between folders and sub-folders by double clicking on particular folder to open it up (expand it one level) and show sub-structure. If I need to go "deeper" in the structure, I repeat the same procedure on second level of folders or third one etc. Most of the time browsing works normally as it should, but then, without the warning it happens!

PROBLEM: Quite frequently, when I get to the last folder in the tree that I want to reach or expand, this-last one disappears. Going to Edit/Undo List in the top menu, I can see that the folder has been moved. Undoing that last "move" action brings folder back to it's original position. This inadvertent moving action is counterproductive and quite annoying. It feels that sometimes double clicking on folder makes it "sticky" and than single clicking on any folder moves it there.

Would you please, look into this problem and advise me of solution. Is there any setup that can disable folder becoming "sticky" after double clicking on it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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Is there any way you could record a video of this happening?

I can't reproduce it, but it may depend on exactly where in the tree the folders you're double-clicking are, and how many folders are below each point (which changes how the tree will move and scroll as things are expended), as well as your tree settings (which change how the tree reacts to single-clicks before the double-clicks happen).

Thank you for prompt response Leo.

Don't know how to record it unless using video camera. Size of the video could be prohibitive. Is there a limit on the size of posted video file? Not sure how position of folders and sub-folders affect it, but to me it seems as if regardless, just by clicking or double clicking on folders in order to see the content shouldn't cause folders to be inadvertently moved. It doesn't seem to be a designed feature of the software, since it works correctly 99% of time before it fails and for some reason moves the folder. I tried to induce the problem purposely. Here is what I have done in order to check whether it is reproducible. In the folder tree I started randomly opening folders on different locations or different "depth" with intention to expand them or close them, but not to move. After approx 5 min. of clicking, sure enough, one of the folders was moved under the structure of different folder. Since clicking was random and fairly quick, I couldn't record the details of location of folders.

I don't understand how the tree setting can induce such random behavior. If it does, can I change the setting in order to prevent it?

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Clicking or double-clicking a folder won't move it. I suspect what is happening is you're accidentally dragging it while you have the mouse button down, and dropping it in another folder. You could verify this by going to Settings / File Types, locate the All files and folders filetype, click Edit, and change the Drag-and-drop event has shown below:

Thank you Jon. It is very logical thinking that initially crossed my mind. However, if that would be the case, it should have been expected that the folder has been moved into adjacent folder. That would explain it, but it isn't the case. It appears as if during clicking/expanding folders, one of them randomly "gets stuck" or "glued" to the mouse cursor (even though not visibly) and then while browsing for the next folder that is many levels (positions) up or down and away from the "glued" one, at the first click of the mouse on the icon, it gets moved there. Because of that behavior I got into a habit of periodically checking Undo List in order to spot it. Before i did regular checking, it happened that the folder would be moved without me noticing and after closing D.O. I would lose Undo history. It was very confusing to face "missing" folders afterwards.

I would like to thank you for suggestion to add a line to "Drag-and-drop" action. That practically resolves the problem. I tested it and soon after the moving re-appeared a popup warning interrupted the "moving" process and I was able to "cancel" it from the dialog, so no move occurred. This is fantastic! I wasn't aware of this feature and would like to compliment on your work. Other than the problem described, I have never had any at all. Directory Opus software is very powerful, very versatile and very stable indeed. My compliments for support as well. Thank you for D.O. - I love it!!!

Do you have Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Collapse non-selected branches turned on?

The forum won't accept large video files but you could email them ( or stick it on YouTube or similar.

Even a before/after screenshot could help us recreate what you're describing.

The problem is probably something like this, all happening in the space of a second or so: Your first first click selects the item and causes the tree to want to expand/collapse branches and/or scroll the new item into view, and just after you push (but haven't yet released) the mouse button for your second click, you've moved the mouse enough to pick up the folder (which would normally do nothing if you released it there, as it would still be over the top of itself), and then the tree's changes happen underneath the mouse pointer, just before you release the mouse button to complete your second click; now the folder which was accidentally picked up is on top of another folder, and it gets dropped into there.

I am just guessing, though. I have not been able to make that happen myself so far, trying everything I can think of.

The answer to your first question is : No, "Collapse non-selected branches" is not turned on.

The scenario that you described afterwards is very possible and quite probable.

As I mentioned in previous post, Jon's suggestion to add a line to "Drag-and-drop" action, practically solves the problem, because it intercepts "move" action and allows me to cancel it. That is satisfactory to me, as the problem appears relatively rarely ~ 1 in 100. Thank you very much for your effort and actual help.

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