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Double entry in the files window


When I create a folder within an existing folder, the new folder shows up twice in the files display window until I click the refresh button in the toolbar. How do I fix this.

Also, after clicking the Refresh button, besides refreshing the files and folders windows, Opus SOMETIMES moves me to the top of my folder tree. It does not happen all the time, but often enough to be a pain.

Thanks for your help


If you are seeing that in List mode, it’s something which was recently reported and has been fixed in the latest beta version:


Thanks for your quick reply. I am in the Details Mode. Has the problem been reported for this mode?


That may be something different in that case. I don’t think we have had any previous reports of it.

  • Does it happen in all folders or only in certain ones? (e.g. Only in the Desktop folder, or only in Library folders, or Network folders, or similar.)

  • What are the exact steps to make it happen?

  • Which method of creating a folder is used (or does it not matter)?

    e.g. Create Folder button on the main toolbars, or right-click New > Folder.

  • Does it always happen or only sometimes?

  • If you resize the window or move the mouse over the file/folder names, do things update then?

    If so, it may be that the window is not being repainted, but wants to display the correct things. If you’ve just installed the Windows 10 Creators Update, reinstalling the graphics drivers is worth a try here, as the recent Win10 update seems to leave graphics drivers in an odd state. (At least in my own experience with NVidia’s drivers. I had some problems until I downloaded and installed the drivers from NVidia again. Different problems to this, though, so it’s just something to try and not a definite answer.)


I upgraded to the new beta version but as you can see by my answers,below, I still have the problem. It does NOT occur every time I create a new folder, however.


Can you post a screenshot if it happens again? Thanks.


It happened again, this time it happened when I clicked the file once and “turned on” the rename function. When I hit enter, efter entering the new filename, the double file entry showed up.
Also, the double entry does NOT go away if I resize the window or hover my mouse over the filenames


What kind of folder are you in there? It looks like an unusual setup with folders directly below the Computer level. I’m wondering if that is confusing Opus in some way.


not sure how to answer you but I agree that it looks strange. MY PC is set up with Windows on my C: drive (an SSD) and my “My Document” moved to my E: drive (a 2TB HDD). Here is what things look like, normally. Not sure what happened in my previous picture.


Does it only happen in folders below your Documents library?

If you right-click the Documents library and check which folders are included in the library, are any listed twice? (Possibly via different names that ultimately point to the same directory.)


I never paid that much attention to which folders it was happening to, but I have 4 HDDs and I think it happens on all my drives.

Only one instance of Document in the “My Documents” library:


so, any comment on why I’m seeing double?


We are still looking for a way to reproduce this, but don’t have one yet.

We suspect it’s tied to another issue that started happening recently which we’re also investigating, but that is just a theory at this stage.


OK, thanks for the update, Leo.


Hi Leo. Have you found anything to explain or fix the double entries issue?


12.5.1 and 12.6 had a fix which may resolve what you were seeing.

Are you still seeing the problem with those versions?


OK, I’ll pay attention to see if this issue is fixed on my end. Thanks


Hi Leo,
I upgraded to v12.6 and am still seeing double folders (see “Defunct Programs” in the picture:


Hi Leo, any update on a resolution to this double entry issue? thanks


No, sorry. We have not had any similar reports and don’t know what is causing the double entries to appear on your system.

Avoiding the library and accessing the folder directly may prevent the problem, if it’s something going wrong with change notifications and the extra complexity which Libraries add to the mix. With only one folder in the library, accessing it directly shouldn’t have any downsides and is worth a try.