Double Listing New Entries

Often when I save a file or rename a directory Opus is showing a double entry; one withe old time stamp and the other with the new time stamp. Double clicking only opens the new file/folder. Refreshing the view removes the old listing.

Copying files to a folder also results in a folder double listing.

The uploaded images shows two double entries:

  • The folder original
  • The file TSF.jpg

What is causing this and how do I fix it. I'm using the latest Beta build 12.9.2 but this has been also been occurring in previous version. I was waiting for an update - hoping that it would fix this issue.

What kind of folder are you in when that happens?

The illustrated folder is a normal folder in the Documents path. But it happens on all folders - network and local.

Have you moved your Documents folder to a non-standard location or anything similar?

No. Standard Document folder under the user name.

A few things to try to see if we can narrow down what's happening:

  1. Does it only happen if you navigate to the folder in a particular way? For example in the folder tree, via
    Desktop > This PC > C: > Users > <username> > Documents vs
    Desktop > <username> > Documents

  2. Does turning off Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Display localized folder names and re-opening any existing Opus windows make a difference? (You can turn it back on after the test.)

  3. Is/are the same folder(s) behaving OK in File Explorer?

  4. The output of the Debugging section of this troubleshooting guide may be useful, if you could generate that and paste the results here: Changes to folders are not being detected

    (Either attach the text file, or paste it between ``` lines to put it in a code box. Anonymize any usernames or other paths you need to, but please keep as much detail as possible.)

The issue only seems to appear when I navigate through a library i.e. lib://Documents
It does not appear to arise if I navigate through C:\Users<UserName>\Documents

I bet you have the same folder listed in the library twice.

Right-click the library and choose Properties, then look at the list of folders and remove any duplictaes.

It should not be possible to add the same folder to a library more than once, but a couple of other people have run into the same thing. If you have any idea what might have caused it, please let us know, since being able to recreate the situation would help us to make and test a workaround.