Doubleclicking lister tab doesn't open a duplicate tab

I went into preferences to make sure the option to doubleclicking tab opening up current tab in another lister is checked. However, I tried doubleclicking the tab and wanted to see if this would work...and nothing happened.

However...there might be an extenuating circumstance which may account for this failure...I recently reduced the size of the tabs to 30 so I could squeeze in more open tabs without getting the foward and back scroll buttons.

If this is the reason why the option to doubleclick the tabs not opening a new default tab isn't working...then this should be called a bug. Nevertheless I right clicked the tab in question and chose duplicate tab and this did work.

That option controls what happens when you double-click on the tab bar itself, not one of the tabs. In other words, you have to double-click on the empty space to the right of the last tab to trigger the configured action.

The manual makes it a bit clearer, but could still be more explicit about "the tab bar" meaning empty space and not tabs:

The only thing that you can configure double-clicks on individual tabs to do is close the tabs:

I think the manual and the Preferences labels could be improved here. I'll drop GPSoftware a note.

Thanks nudel. It works as you described it.