DOViewer and multimediakeys


found out, that when viewing pictures with DOViewer, the multimediakeys (volume buttons) of my keyboard don't work. Sometimes they don't work within games (which maybe caused by using own interfaces for audio/keyboard), but never within normal applications.

I have a Logitech "Illuminated" and "Desktop Wave" keyboard without SetPoint installed (just generic Windows drivers).

If the active window/application does not swallow a key, it is meant to go to each other application one-by-one until an application does swallow the key.

The Opus viewer does not swallow the volume up/down keys when displaying a JPEG image. (Other filetypes may vary, especially if 3rd party ActiveX or preview handlers are involved.)

If the volume keys aren't working for you when the Opus viewer is displaying a JPEG, my guess is that you either need to install the keyboard drivers to make the keys work properly (I have MS Intellitype installed myself, so I'm not certain what happens without any special drivers) or there is another program/window on your machine which is swallowing the keys after the Opus viewer gets the first change and passes them on.


Ok. I don't want to install SetPoint because the mouse acceleration/handling is better without (even if deactivated within SetPoint).