Downgrading from 11.17 back to 9.5?

A few months ago, in December 2015, I bought DOpus 11.17 x64. Long ago I had used the trial of 9.5 and really loved the advanced Find capabilities. Find no longer is openable in its own window; it takes up nearly half the space in my current lister. Also, all the pre-configured lister styles that used to exist as a toolbar row are gone, as well as the complete toolbar and menus! This is horrible. I tried it out briefly before buying but did not explore much as I saw a 50% off purchase sale if done by Dec 26 2015. So I bought version 11. But I want to downgrade to version 9.5. Configuring one's own toolbar is not a trivial task.

Can I do this? How much will it cost?

You can make a menu item which opens a new lister with the Find panel, which is nearly identical to how Opus 9 opened old Find window (just with the results appearing at the top instead of the bottom).

How to create a Styles tab-bar (like Opus 9) explains how to get the styles tabs back, and is very quick and easy.

If you installed the newer version over Opus 9 then your old Opus 9 toolbars are still there and can be turned on. You do not need to configure them again.

Parts of Opus 9 will not work properly on newer versions of Windows, and it is missing thousands of changes, fixes and features made in the many years since it was released. You're much better off adapting to and configuring Opus 11 than going back to such an old version, and it should not take long or be very painful as the program is very flexible.

Thank you for the link to recreate a version 9 Styles tab-bar. You sure have a difficult job of diplomatically fielding questions and complaints. :slight_smile:

Please give me a couple examples of which v9.x features won't work on the current OSes? I am curious.

My new v11.17 is/was a new install on a new desktop. My old Opus 9.5 was on a laptop whose drive is lost amidst my collection of "replaced" drives--hard drives that were removed in place of newer and much larger capacity. I must have at least a dozen drives in sizes ranging from 4gb to 13gb (dating back to 2003 or 2004) to 1,500gb. If I can track down which drive the backups are on, then I will reinstall my old v9.5 setup.

Why was the Find utility removed from having a separate floating existence starting back in v10? I cannot fathom what the developers' reasoning could have possibly been. I saw (and read) one thread ([url]Float separate search]) where the thread posters bemoaned the removal of the Floating Find Utility, giving many reasons why they really liked its pre-version 10 functionality and hated its incarnation since v10. I read all 6 pages of topic=14056 and found I agreed with every one of each person's reasons for really liking the old floating Find and disliking the new permanent (well, new since version 10 I gather) implementation. I also add my name to that list of lamenters. I found the above thread by searching for something like "find window panel layout".

In any event, why was the floating capability of the Find panel removed after version 9.x? Also, why were the Styles tabs removed and the menus drastically reduced?

Our reasons were given several times in that thread five years ago, there's little point going over them again.

The menus weren't reduced. There is much, much more in the menus now than there was back in Opus 9. They are just better organised now. (But you can still use the Opus 9 menus if you really wish, and don't want to try getting used to something different. They'll still load into Opus 11 and indeed Opus 12.)

Styles tabs have not been removed, except from the default toolbars. You can have them if you want them, and I linked to step by step instructions above.