Download + Show in Folder -> highlight target file?

There have been questions in the past with the same or similar problems, but I have not found an answer for my particular situation.
Almost every day I download a file from a site and use the right-click context menu on the file name to open the downloads folder with that file selected. I always have the download folder (I use Chrome) open in a tab in my DOpus 12.7 x64 (Win 10 Pro, latest stable). This has worked without problems for years, but about two days ago the right-click file process began opening a second tab for the downloads folder. I wish very much there was a way around this -- and I have no idea why it is happening. There haven't even been any (explicit, or obvious) Windows updates which could explain the issue.

If you keep that second tab open and do it again with another file, does a third tab open, or does it re-use the second tab?

If it reuses it, it's probably down to the two tabs not technically displaying the same folder. (For some folders, the Windows shell has multiple paths that end up showing the contents but are not technically the same folders.) If that's the case, how is the first tab being opened/navigated? Changing that may fix things.

It's also possible that something in Chrome or Windows has changed, as small (and large) updates for them are being rolled out pretty regularly these days.

Leo, thanks for the quick response and for the ideas. I tried with an additional file and it used the second tab again. I have now tried closing the first (original) downloads tab (I:\Downloads - I is an internal magnetic drive) and then made a copy of the 2nd tab and moved it over to where the first one had been. Then deleted the 2nd tab, so now just the one tab, in the original place. Hope all that isn't too confusing!
So far doing a "Show in folder" is just using this existing tab. So maybe the problem is fixed -- hope so! I'll do a 'save lister'.
Thanks again.

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