Downloadable manual for DO 10? (e.g., PDF)

Is there a downloadable manual for DO 10?

Not currently, but that may change once the Opus 10 manual re-write is complete (which will be soon).

Thanks. How does one sign up to be notified of this obviously belated event?

I wonder whether any organization still have the kind of high-quality software managers of yesteryear, those who understood that if you REALLY want to direct and control what programmers do, you write the manual FIRST. Sigh ....

That sounds good in theory, but most innovative programmers have creative & extremely useful ideas while coding--not to mention incorporating ideas from us (the users) fast than any other program developers I've ever seen in my 30+ years in this business.

It'll be included in a program update, probably the next non-beta update. (The F1 help file, at least. If you only care about the PDF version for printing, keep an eye on the GPSoftware website's Docs section. The F1 help included with the program, the online web version, and the eventual PDF version will all have the same contents.)

Feel free to pretend that features, and entire versions, do not yet exist until the manual is completely up to date, if you want the world to work that way. You'd still be waiting, whichever way around things were written, and I'd say software with an out-of-date or incomplete manual is a hell of a lot more useful than a manual describing software that doesn't exist... (Especially for the many people who don't even read the manual, and given that the Opus 9 manual covers most things and we have a forum where you can get answers to most questions within a few hours, if not sooner, seven days a week. :slight_smile:)

Thanks. I'll watch for the next update!