Drag and Drop - Between listers not allowed at times


Again, Love DOpus! Thanks.

I only shut my main workstation down when needed, not daily or perhaps not even weekly, but...

From time to time when microsucks windows is restarted the first thing I do is invoke my dopus of which I have my default lister set to be one of my Layouts (a dual lister config with one vert. dual lister resideing on the center bottom of my left monitor and a normal lister (Content Type set to None) in the right bottom corner of my right monitor). Then I start another of my layouts (Media) that is a full lister, but opens in my media (images, movies, music) drive and is set to read content type.

Every once in a while after restarting and launching dOpus for the first time that session, I am unable to drag and drop between listers. It seem that it is primarily from the first lister that opens (the full norm lister on the right monitor) to the dir tree of itself or any other lister open. As I start to drag, everything looks normal (the cursor changes, I have an object attached). Then as I hover over other directories, listers ect. the cursor changes to the bold black circle w/ dig line through it. I can however rightclick> copy and then hover over new location and rightclick>paste.

If I close all dopus and restart, everything is fine. The only problem with that is is that I've already opened other apps and using GeoShell, my dopus items will no longer be on the top of the right click>running apps> menu and that makes things slower as I have to look for them. This would not be a big deal, but as I stated, I will be in this possion for a long time, untill I restart next week or month.

Any ideas?

p.s., I'm running on the latest vers ( U)

Thank you in advance,
Landis Reed.