Drag and Drop broken in DO 10

I regularly lose the ability to drag files in DO. It happens in both power mode and details. I'm running DO 10 on Win 7 x64 Ultimate. It's intermittent and VERY frustrating.

Everything will start just fine. I can drag and drop in all modes.

Then...all of a sudden...I lose the ability in DO to

A. Multiple select by dragging in Power mode.
B. drag any file in any mode.

Sometimes the ability comes back and sometimes it doesn't.

Drag works in all other programs (ie explorer, FF, Chrome, etc.)

I searched for this problem and found 44 pages of drag problems, but not this specifically in the first 6 pages or so.

Any ideas?

Which mouse drivers are you using?

What software do you have running in the background?

If you close the Opus windows and open a new one, does it work again?

What if you exit Opus entirely (use the jumplist from right clicking Opus on the Win7 taskbar)?

OK...for now pressing ctrl-esc (which brings up the Windows menu) seems to restore the drag and drop abilities. But how weird is that?

Drag and Drop occasionally breaks for me also. Closing and re-opening has no effect, even closing from the task bar. I don't really do anything unusual on my pc except connect to other PCs remotely with rdp, vnc, even mikago. I think even after closing these apps, clipboard functionality is often buggy. To test for this kind of issue, search for a utility called GetOpenClipboardWindow.

I have the same problem with on Win7 x64 - and thanks for the solution, Peter :exclamation: