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Drag and Drop from FTP Voyager does not work



I use FTP Voyager in conjunction with DOpus... And I have had a problem with Dragging and Dropping from the FTP Voyager explorer view to a Directory Opus window (but from Directory Opus to a Windows Explorer window works fine).

I wrote to FTP Voyager ( and they said: "for us to change the way FTP-V handle Drag/Drop would only hurt its compatibility with Windows Explorer".

Anyway, is there any way you can look at this to see why maybe other applications do not drag/drop like Explorer windows when using Directory Opus? Is this something with Directory Opus or should I go back to FTPVoyager?

On a side note, please add remote folders to the left side pane... doing this would allow me to use Directory Opus FTP much more often. I need easy access to both folders and files at the same time when working with multiple files in web development.



[ul][li]Could you try Opus and see if the problem is still there? There were a couple of changes to fix drag & drop from IE7 and iTunes which also seem to have fixed similar problems with a couple of other apps.

Hopefully the problem with drops from FTP Voyager was the same and is fixed now but if that isn't the case then let us know here or report it to GPSoftware directly.
[li]Support for FTP sites in the Folder Tree is probably already in the feature request database but it wouldn't hurt to ask GPSoft for that as well, just in case.[/li][/ul]


Hi Leo,

It is still there in was not detected in the check for update feature. I just knew about it from you mentioning it. Maybe the server script needs updating.

I will report the drag-drop problem via the link you give.




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[Stable vs Beta versions, and the automatic update checker)