Drag and drop image from firefox error

When i try and drag and drop an image from a firefox window into an Opus lister/folder, i get

"an error occured moving xxxxx.jpg
the system cannot find the file specified"

but the same process works fine from IE.

anyone know cause / solution ?

Not sure why but if the drag results in a Copy, rather than a Move, then you get that error message.

If you drag to a folder which is on the same partition as your Firefox internet cache then it'll work without error.

My Drop event for All Files & Folders is usually set to "Copy MOVE" rather than the default "Copy MOVEWHENSAME" so it always works for me. If you're happy with Drag & Drop always moving the file then you could set it the same.

I can confirm that it works in Explorer, regardless of the folder you drag to. Don't know if it's Opus or Firefox that's doing something wrong.

It may be an idosyncracy of the browser... doing the same thing from Opera doesn't even work at all... No error, but also no copy, no move.

It works with Firefox and explorer so I would assume that Dopus is trying to move the file instead of just copying the file and thereby giving the error.

This is an annoying problem.