Drag and drop not working with applications

im not able to drag files from Opus to other applications.to name few are Musicbee,potplayer,genymotion,firefox etc..
but i can drag and drop to desktop and from desktop to opus...
and yes i did searched other posts and faqs.
So Opus is set as administrative and i can successfully create folder in c:\windows without any UAC error..and UAC is nil ..
Btw im using windows 10

What do you mean by "and UAC is nil"?

Is UAC turned on for other programs?

nope UAC is turned off for all programs

That does not turn off UAC; it just means "Yes" is automatically clicked when something asks Windows to display a UAC prompt. Elevated and non-elevated processes are still isolated from each other. (UAC can be turned off, but only via a lower-level control panel. The main UAC control panel cannot turn it off from Windows 7 onwards.)

It also makes it harder to tell if Opus is running elevated or not.

Open up Task Manager, go to the Details tab, then right-click the header at the top of the list and click Select Columns. Add the Elevated column and see what it says for dopus.exe:

You want it to say No for Opus and for anything else you want to use drag & drop from or to.

its elevated in details....Task Manager.

"You want it to say No for Opus and for anything else you want to use drag & drop from or to."

and how do i do that?

Opus does not run elevated by default, so you need to undo whatever has been done to make that happen.

If you turned on the Compatibility option in Windows to run Opus as admin, that should be turned off. Why NOT to run Opus as Administrator under UAC includes instructions on that.

Another possibility is that you are launching Opus from something which itself is elevated. Anything an elevated process launches will be elevated as well, unless the launching process goes out of its way to prevent it from happening.

only thing that i did was to run opus as admin..but now i changed it ,so now it is not elevated.

since now opus not elevated..and genymotion is not elevated and file explorer is also not elevated..but when i drag and drop to genymotion it don't work..but when i drag and drop any file from file explorer to genymotion it works.So now what could be problem??

Secondly i would also like to know why drag and drop don't work even from file explorer to programs like Musicbee,potplayer,,firefox .has something changed with win10?...cuz back in win95 days we use to drag and drop.but now it shows this kind of pop.

Maybe your Explorer process is running elevated as well?

Is genymotion running elevated?

You can't drag & drop between elevated and non-elevated things, so you want to make sure nothing is elevated unless it really needs to be elevated (and if it needs to be elevated, you won't be able to use drag & drop with it, unless it's doing something special to enable it).