Drag and drop sometimes does not work


Sometimes, I cannot select and drag and drop files from one location to another within DOpus. Is this a known bug and is there a fix?

Closing DO and re-opening it usually corrects the problem, but I should not have to do this.


Is that after you've already done another drag & drop operation? It may indicate that the program you dragged from or dropped to the previous time has still not finished processing the operation.

Changing Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced: dragdrop_async to False may improve compatibility with some programs and is worth a try, but set it back to True if it doesn't help.

no, it happens even if i have NOT previously performed any drag/drop actions. Drag and drop still works in Windows explorer, even though it does NOT work in Directory Opus. If i close the DO window (click the red X) and re-open DO, drag and drop works again. So, somehow, DO gets "confused" and can't perform a drag and drop action. In fact, when I'm experiencing this problem in DO, I cannot select individual files within a DO frame using the Ctrl-click functionality.

What applications do you use when such problem happens? DnD sometime gets disabled when I use VirtualPC. Pressing Esc solves problem.

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Check you haven't accidentally gone into Power mode.