Drag and drop to external applications not working

I am currently on my trial period of directory opus, and overall I very much like all of its features. However, I cannot get drag n drop work to external applications (e.g. outlook/teams chat). It lets me carry out the operation, but not happens after that. Drag n drop to desktop works as expected. Here are the relevant settings:

Ideally, I would like drag and drop to move the file, when the target is a directory, but to open/attach the file otherwise.

The settings there should only matter when dragging to Opus, not from Opus to Outlook/Teams.

Make sure neither Opus nor Teams are running elevated, as that would block one from talking to the other.

Antivirus can also block drag & drop between programs if it doesn't trust them.

Thank you very much for your reply. I am not sure what happened, but after a restart of my PC, problem is solved (and I am pretty sure I had the problem last week too). If I can reproduce it again, I will post here. In the meantime, sorry for the noise!

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I was having this issue. For example, I could drag to FireFox, but not to Chrome. Some applications would accept files dragged from Opus. I determined that applications I was running AS ADMINISTRATOR would not allow file Drags from Opus. Setting the run option for each app to regular (not admin) resolved the issue. Thank you to LEO for helping me find that.

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