Drag&Drop Copy FLATVIEWCOPY not working


the Copy Command combined with the FLATVIEWCOPY don't work.

I tried multible combinations:
Copy FLATVIEWCOPY=recreate
Copy move FLATVIEWCOPY=ask

and non of it with Drag&Drop worked.It copys all files/folders without asking from FlatView. Still working on a Button or Command Field.

Please show us what you're dragging and where you're dragging it to.

The FLATVIEWCOPY argument only affects dragging out of FlatView. Sometimes people expect it to work with File Collections as well, but it doesn't affect those.

You can also make the same change via Preferences / File Operations / Copy Options, without editing the drag & drop command at all. In fact, it asks by default, so you should not need to do anything extra unless you've told it not to ask in the past.

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Yes, i am aware of that. From D:\ to C:\ doesn't work either. Non File Collections, only real Files/Folders.

Did not changed any of that settings.

Its an old Bug which could not be reproduced at the time. Flat View Copying - #3 by NeilN

Edit: Tried it with a fresh Dopus installation, still not working.

If everything being dragged comes from the same folder/level, it may treat that as a normal drag. (Haven’t looked at the code or docs to check, but it would make sense.) The argument/option is about what to do when dragging things that aren’t all in the same place.

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but it doesnt exlains why copy with "Copy Files-Button" (from the default operations toolbar) works, but copy with Drag&Drop not.

Using the "Copy Files-Button" asks me what to do:

And after chosing "Wiederherstellen (Recreate)" it works as intended:

But copy with Drag&Drop gives me this without asking:

And finally, copy files from multible folders works as intendet with Drag&Drop and "Copy Files-Button":

I am able to reproduce it on my Laptop (Win10 22H2 64Bit), and Desktop-PC (Pentium 4, Win 7 32Bit).

Drag & drop turns into a simple drag if everything is coming from the same folder. Same with copy & paste.

The Copy Files button doesn't, and always treats it as a Flat-View copy.

It's somewhat arbitrary, but also intentional, based on how we felt people tended to use the different methods.

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