Drag & Drop folder to unknown location

I move folders/files by drag/drop, I occasionally drop them into the wrong location and I don't know where I dropped them. That's ok if I know a name I can search for, but if I don't it's a long task to locate the missing files.

Is there a "confirm" setting for drag & drop, so I can confirm they are dropping into the correct location?

Thanks for any help/suggestions.

There isn't at the moment but you can just use the Undo command (or the Undo List if you did something since then) to undo the move.

Also Opus does have full logging, although hardly anyone seems to notice :slight_smile: Turn this on in Prefs, and then you can use log in the Output Window to work out what happened.

Thanks. I have turned on my logging. I guess that will have to do. The problem is when I drag & drop a folder/file, I might not go to the target folder to confirm my action. So I might not realize that something ia awry until days later.

If it will help, you can turn off drag and drop to sub-folders unless a key is held down. Also note that Opus does show you the destination in a tooltip, so you just have to pay attention :slight_smile: