Drag/drop modifier keys question

Is there any way to change the modifier keys for dragging and dropping folders? It looks like by default Alt is "create link", and Shift is "move". I wanted the ability to drag a folder to a toolbar and create a button without having to go into customize. Is there a way to do that, or change those modifier keys?

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I think you could click Settings then File Types...

Click (None) Alll folders, then the Edit button, then Events. Select one of the Drag-and-drop items, then click Edit and enter the appropriate command.

For example, to swap the defaults you mention, enter Copy move for Drag-and-drop + ALT and Copy MAKELINK for Dran-and-drop +Shift.

This is all assuming that you really meant that you want to change the modifier keys for dragging and dropping folders and nothing else.

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Thank you! That is super helpful. Is there any command that would put the toolbar in customize mode? I was hoping there was a way for me to press a modifier key, drop a folder on the menu bar as a quick way to create a shortcut.

Also, do you know how to make sorting specific to each folder? Like in explorer if you sorted by "Modified", it would only sort that folder by "Modified", everywhere else would still be the default by "Name".

**PREFS customize

[quote="falthazar, post:3, topic:25909"]
do you know how to make sorting specific to each folder?

You need to look at the Folder Formats FAQs in the FAQ section of the forum.

I'm still not an expert with this forum, to say the least.

The command is PREFS customize not prefixed with **.

Hmm, using Prefs CUSTOMIZE does not work when I hold alt and drag a folder. I may have to do a VBScript I guess if I want to drag and drop a folder into the toolbar to create a shortcut? Not too big a deal.

Also, for the folder formats, I looked through the FAQ but there doesn't seem to be a way to have it automatically save the sorting options for folders? I think that should at least be an options, since it is default in explorer.

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