Drag & Drop to iCloud moves files by default

I recently added iCloud for Windows to my PC to use with a new iPad. I notice that by default, in DO when I drag and drop a file from a local drive to the iCloud drive, it is MOVED, not COPIED. That is unlike the default setting for all other drives in DO. Does anyone have a solution to this? As in, how do I set it to copy files by default, not move them. FWIW, Windows File Explorer copies files dragged to iCloud, it doesn't move them. Thanks for any help.

Your post in ICloud and DOpus - #6 by AlbusD indicates iCloud isn't really a drive, just a folder below C:\, so it'd fall under the usual drag & drop rules ("move when same", by default).

You can customize what happens when you drag & drop things by editing Settings > File Types > All Files And Folders > Events > Drag-and-Drop; however, making decisions based on the destination folder (rather than the source) would probably require a little scripting.

(Personally, I find it easier to not have to think about the relationship between source & destination folders when dragging things around, and I change the event to always move (Copy MOVE), then hold Ctrl down when I want to copy things instead.)