Drag over file display when customizing toolbar may cause scrolling activity

Hello, I was using flat view (mixed, no folders) on the documents folders where there are many many files. Then I went to "customize toolbars" because I wanted to change the behavior of the three flat view mode buttons so they will all toggle on/off. When I was dragging one of the other flat view buttons out of the toolbar to get rid of it, i happened to hover (whilst still dragging) over the column of the file view (size, name, modified etc). Then suddently the whole huge file lists started to slowly move upwards as if I were pressing the down-arrow. I can successfully replicate that, but curiously it only worked with the documents folde shown in flat view, not with some flat-viewed subfolder (that also has many files) of the documents folder.

It also says "copy to" which made me nervous because I was thinking perhaps file operations are taking place, or at least I was wondering what would happen if I dropped the icon on the column header.

That's completely normal. If you drag things over a list in most Windows software, and go near the top or bottom of the list, it will scroll.

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Thank you! I understand.
I am adding some explanation for other users:
In DOpus, it is possible to copy the information of a toolbar button into a folder by dragging it there. If there were e.g. a long list of folders and you wanted to drop the icon info at the top of that list (Dopus will automatically cause the creation of a small file with that info) , you could hover over the column name bar (gray usually) and the list would slowly move upwards in order to eventually allow you to drop it there, causing a "copying" of the button information once you drop it. -> small file creation.
If you dropped it not in the file area, but onto the column name bar itself, it would copy it to the folder that contains the objects shown in the file display area, just like the tooltip says. Like Leo said, that is normal behavior, just a bit unexpected here perhaps also because in many programs, toolbar modification prevents any interaction with the program (such as the file area) other than the creation/modification of toolbars/icons itself.

It's not really unexpected. Being in toolbar editing mode only changes how the toolbars behave, not anything else. The file display works as it always does, and you can scroll it, double-click things in it, drop things on it, and so on.

If you wanted to drop the button into a folder that was not currently scrolled into view, you wouldn't want to have to exit Customize mode, scroll the file display, then go back into Customize mode and do the drag & drop again.

(You can also scroll with the mouse wheel, of course, which is usually easier these days. The convention for scrolling while near the top/bottom of things came about before mouse wheels were invented. But it's also still useful in situations like laptop trackpads, where there isn't a mousewheel and you may not be able to access alternative gestures while holding a button for drag & drop.)

(As an aside, you can also run toolbar buttons while editing toolbars. Hold shift while clicking them. Quite useful at times.)

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