Dragging file to file display tabs, should open path and select file

Hello again.. o)

I often want to mark or remember a single or a handful files to work on them right after I finish a task in the current folder with a lot of files in there. I will not remember the exact name of the file, it might be a variant of a dozen other and I also cannot / don't want to remember where it is located, I probably cannot simply relocate it by using eyes and scrolling the list.

So I tried multiple times to drag a single file onto the tab bar for the file display and I was expecting DO to open a new tab with the path of the file and the file being selected. This would "store" my single file selection and scroll position and make it easy to pick up on that a minute later.

Can we have this? o)
It's actually surprising this is not already in the program!? o)

Thank you for reading.. o)

I'd like to add:

Being able to drag a file to an empty area in the tab bar and thereby..

  • create a new tab
  • scroll to and..
  • select the file in the file display

..would be exactly the same compared to what happens if you paste a file path into the path bar or run a "GO" command with a path to a file. So it would fit the existing world quite nicely I think.

FWIW, you can run Go OpenContainer NewTab to get something similar now.

Drag & drop would be nice as well, though. I was thinking about the same thing myself recently (although I ended up not doing it, and can't remember why now; might just be more work than I had time for at the time). Maybe in the future!

I just tried to add "Go OPENCONTAINER NEWTAB=nofocus" to every regular file and folder and noticed, the command does not work for me. It also does not work anymore in file collections as it used to.

It worked recently.. I then tried the global switch to deactivate all scripting and no.. it still does not work, I also restarted DO to get a fresh start. Is there something wrong in the latest beta? Can you or anybody confirm?

Thank you!

It's working OK for me in 12.31.

Maybe a tab is already open for the parent?