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Drive buttons

I've looked and cannot find in 9 were to add this command :unamused:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=fixed,lettersbeforelabels

thanks for any help,


Have a look at the Toolbar editing video which uses the Go DRIVEBUTTONS command as one of its main examples.

Thanks Leo...problem is when I right click on drives nothing happens. I've tried it dozens of times. Don't know what I"m not seeing. There is no way I can find in to edit commands. I've been using opus for a few years and just live with no labels on the drives but it sure would be nice.


You need to be in Customize mode before you can edit things. (Settings -> Customize)

Also, in the Customize window that opens, make sure the toolbar you're editing has Labels set to Default; if they are set to Off then labels are forced off for everything on the toolbar (overriding the settings in any individual button on the toolbar).

Right click doesn't work on any of the selecions in the customise section. I don't have opus replacing explorer. Could that be the issue?

Did you actually look at the toolbar editing tutorial Leo pointed you to?

[ul][li]Go to the Settings menu, select Customize[/li]
[li]On the TOOLBAR itself, NOT in Customize, but on the TOOLBAR itself, you'll see the buttons that previously showed your drives have collapsed to one or two single buttons labelled as something like "Drive Buttons"[/li]
[li]On the TOOLBAR itself, NOT in Customize, but on the TOOLBAR itself, right-click on the Drive Buttons button and click Edit[/li][/ul]

Thanks. I'm in the editing window now, well, was, the command didn't take but I can play with it. Yes, I did look at the video repeatedly. What I was not seeing was to click on the collapsed drive. So I don't know Opus like you do and sometimes it is confusing. The only reason I came here was googling everything I could imagine...and for a long time, I could not see what I was missing. I looked at the Getting to know Opus, the pdf, all the threads to such. Doesn't hurt to understand that if someone doesn't understand just a little patience can mean alot.

thanks again,


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It works...this is so great, completely totally enhances my opus experience...YES YES YES

hug to all...