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Drive C files and folders text is in red. Other drives are normal


I'm a long time Directory Opus User (started with V 9), I have a two computer license with SFTP. Only needed help once years ago from Leo.
Version 12.12 running for some time. One day the C: drive lister changed the text color to red, background still white. Found Folder & Text Color in Preferences, it can change Drive D: but has no effect on C:. Used normal uninstall and Revo Uninstall, reinstalled from new download. Finally after a reinstall I wanted to use config file from my laptop V 12.12. Opened shared folder on main computer, IT WAS IN RED. There is something on the main computer drive C that affects the display on the laptop. Thus it is not related to the main computer's DOpus or Config.

If you don't mind opening a JPG on my website this shows the colors better than I can describe.

I can't figure this out, fortunately it is a minor inconvenience.

Leo Taylor
Connecticut, USA


The small number of red items are files and folders with the S (System) attribute set.

The large number of pink items are compressed files and folders.

You can set the colors under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / Files and folders - Compressed and ... - System, but if they changed recently then it isn't Opus that changed, it's your C drive.

File Explorer will show the same thing, although it uses purple instead of pink in Windows 10. (It used to use pink as well.)

If you didn't set the C drive to be compressed yourself, something else must have done it. Windows or some other tool may do it automatically if you get low on space, perhaps.

Re custom uninstallers, please don't use them unless you really have to as a last resort, after asking for help here. Tools like that can add to your problems.


Hi Leo,

Thank you for the quick reply.

You were right of course! Since I never intentionally compress drives I was unaware that Directory Opus displays compressed files and folders in pink. In DOpus I right clicked on Drive C: and selected Properties. The same steps I use to perform disk cleanup. Compression was on so I unchecked it and it started saying 23 hours. Windows didn't know that it was a Solid State Drive, actual time was a little over an hour.

When done the colors were back to normal.

BTW: Windows 10 v1803 File Explorer did not display a pink files when the drive was compressed.

Thank You

Leo Taylor