Drive connection problems on version 13

Version 13.3 installed a couple of days ago, up from 12. Since then:

  • There are two USB drives that keep disappearing even though they are connected and available in Explorer. They randomly re-appear.
  • There's a remote NAS connection (Synology) that is not available in DO but no problems in Explorer

Opus gets the list of drives, and changes to it, from the operating system. Something on your system is messing that up. (Maybe antivirus, but that's only one possibility. Defender, in particular, can cause some strange issues.)

Thanks, @Leo. Why would there be a difference in behaviour in this respect between DO and Explorer? I appreciate it could be a coincidence, but it started happening the day I upgraded. That's the only reason I even looked at Explorer.

If it is Defender, Defender tends to give Explorer free reign, but will break other processes all the time.

Running Opus elevated (rather than elevating things after Opus is already running normally) can also cause notifications to be blocked. See the FAQ about that if it applies.

It's not Defender, but I'll play around with things and see what happens. Thanks for the reference re elevated permissions.