Drive name in folder path?

Is there a way to add 'drive name' to file path, instead of or in addition to 'drive letter'?

I have read this topic:

However, it seems that the drive name is inserted only when child folders are used in the wildcard. In my case, child folders are constantly changing.

Thank you

That shouldn't be the case.

What are you doing exactly? What's the wildcard string that you're using for the format?

Thank you for your response. Perhaps better to start from scratch, as I am not a coder, per se. Please see attached screen shot regarding what I would like to accomplish.


  • Settings > Customize Toolbars

  • Double-click the Location field on your toolbar that you want to edit (or right-click it and choose Edit)

  • Add drivelabel, to the Args field:


  • Click OK in the editor, and again in the Customize window.

  • Result:


The other possible Args for the field are documented here: Breadcrumbs Configuration