Drive name under my fixed drives

Is it possible to show drive names under the drives instead of letters?

Is it possible to remove drive A: (floppy) from the toolbar? I do have a floppy drive, so Opus is right but I can't even remember when I last used it :-):rofl:

Both are possible, yes.

Have a look at the DRIVEBUTTONS argument in the Go command docs, which includes examples of how to do both.

A great improvement!

The only remaining problem is hiding drives.
I have 2 drives I want to hide. A=floppy, I=USB disk
I noticed the hiding only works when the command is at the start of the command line.
I also noticed it only works for the first drive.

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=-a,-i,fixed,cdrom,network,removeble,iconletterson,labels,noletters,hideempty

Only hides A:

How can I hide both?

Use -ai rather than -a,-i.

It should work at the start or end.