Drivebuttons configuration


I'm using DualMode and created buttons for my drives - left-click opens in left lister, right-click in right.

Is it possible to configure this with the command "Go Drivebuttons", so that I don't have to create a button for each drive?


Yup: Go DRIVEBUTTONS=multifunc

Yup, Nudel makes it again :smiley:

Thank you.

Edit: And how can I use multifunc for an individual button like "Go F:\Download"?

You can't - but you don't need to. Just make your buttons "three button buttons" and you can set the left and right button functions to do this (or anything else you want).

multifunc is needed for drive buttons because the Go DRIVEBUTTONS command is actually creating buttons dynamically - if multifunc is specified, it creates "three button buttons" instead of ordinary single function buttons.