Drives list showing unwanted MTP device

I have just installed the Windows 8.1 update and I assume that the issue described below was caused by the update.

My Drives list on DOPUS (using "Drive Buttons") used to show all physical drives. Now it shows not only all physical drives, but also a drive described as "Seagate Backup Plus Drive". The tooltip for it is "mtp://Seagate Backup Plus Drive". I do indeed have Seagate backup software installed on an external drive (Drive M:), and this drive is shown on the drives list. However, the Seagate Backup Plus entry did not used to be shown on the drives list. Moreover, when I click on the button there is no data shown in the respective window. Is there a way to eliminate the display of the Seagate Backup Plus Drive entry in "Drive Buttons"?

If you don't want Go DRIVEBUTTONS to include MTP devices, change the command to Go DRIVEBUTTONS=-mtp

Thank you for the tip. It works perfectly.

I have this issue since the 8.1 update and the above works BUT I want to see JUST my "real" MTP devices (HTC/Nexus) when I plug them in, so I need a GO DRIVEBUTTONS=MTP (or I can't do GO DRIVEBUTTONS=-MTP). I don't know why Microsoft decided that USB drives should now also be MTP drives but it's really annoying. Filtering on the description (something like GO DRIVEBUTTONS=MTP,EXCLUDE "samsung") would be great :laughing:

This will be fixed in the next beta.