Drives / Volumes Mounted in NTFS Folders with No Letter Assigned

Hello again.
Experimenting with the collections, I just discovered something surprising to myself, although I suppose there will be a reason.
For reasons that are irrelevant, I have several volumes that do not have a letter assigned, but are mounted in empty NTFS folders.
Doing a search of files in all the local disks, I have noticed the absence of some files in the search result, giving the circumstance that such files are in volumes without assigned letter but mounted in folders.
Of course, the "search in subfolders" box was checked.
What to do to include such volumes in a search?
Thank you...

Confirmed. We're looking into this.

Leo, many thanks for your quick reply. I've been pretty lazy.

We have a fix for this coming in the next update.

Thanks for reporting it!

Thanks to the DO team for the quick work

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I am using version 12.26 x64 and the problem is still there.

The issue should be fixed. What exactly are you seeing? What are the steps to reproduce it?

I mounted multiple disks (10) in an NTFS folder without a letter.
When I search for files, I get no results. However, it works with Windows Explorer.
If I use a lettered disk, it works fine.

Therefore :

  1. Mount a disk in an NTFS folder (do not assign a letter)
  2. Create a folder with multiple files on this mounted drive
  3. Do a search with the search box at the top right.
  4. the system does a search but it does not display any results?

Note: Windows Explorer gives a search result in the same situation

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This thread was about using Tools > Find Files (Opus's own search functionality).

The Windows Search field at the top-right is something different. Here's a related thread on that:

I was not able to reproduce the issue there, but if you can send the information requested in the thread then we will take a look at it.

I am really dazzled, you have just informed me that there is a search tool in Opus.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
I will now use this fantastic tool.

Happy New Year