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Hi. New here. Just purchased and installed DOpus on Win7x64 machine.

Two questions:

1- How do I "install" the Drives toolbar? I only see 4 choices when I right-click on the (I guess) toolbar toolbar. Drives isn't one of them. I'd like a simple "C" "D" "E", etc. list I can click on.

2- I have about a half-dozen removable drives (for SD cards, etc.) that I rarely use. How do I get rid of them in the tree listing (unless, I guess, there happens to be something in one). Essentially, I'd like the tree to look like Windows Explorer which does NOT list them (I selected "Hide empty drives in the Computer folder").


You can find it under options -> customize -> commands (first tab) -> then under go to. It will be a simple button with the code Go DRIVEBUTTONS. it´s useful to have two of those buttons with different parameters like Go DRIVEBUTTONS=fixed for your fixed drives, & Go DRIVEBUTTONS=cdrom,network,removable,hideempty for DVD drives, sticks & other removable devices. The hideympty parameter is for hiding empty (no CD or DVD inserted) drives. Automatically hiding of empty drives in the three isn´t possible, i think.

Thanks for the speedy response!

Well, I found the GO DRIVEBUTTONS command and dragged it to the toolbar area and that seems to give me a click-able list of my drives - but not with letters. I guess I need to do more reading before asking (stupid?) questions here because, for the life of me, I can't figure-out how to limit the list (=fixed) like you suggest. Additionally, this doesn't appear to add a "toolbar"... I still have only 4. Is there not a real drives toolbar? Again, I apologize for the newbie questions... I thought some of this would be easy before I tackled the tough stuff. :slight_smile:

You can go into customize mode (Options -> Customize) & chose »edit«

Check out the Toolbar Editing tutorial video; as it happens, one of the examples it uses is exactly this stuff.

Note that 64 bit version that was on our website for the past couple of days had a problem that prevented the extra toolbars (including Drives) from being installed. This is fixed now I believe so if you re-download and re-install you should get all the other toolbars. However you can easily create the Drives toolbar yourself as shown above, so you may find it's not worthwhile re-downloading.

Thank you all for your replies.

Yes, I purchased and downloaded yesterday, so I'll download again.

In the meantime, I found the tutorial and downloaded it too for future reading, and I did figure-out how to add a toolbar and move my drive buttons to it. :slight_smile:

I can see I'll be learning stuff for a long time!

You might like to investigate the use of a pair of buttons side by side as a "Drives" toolbar.

I don't remember why I landed on this solution, probably asking stupid questions, but the result is that I have a row of fixed disks sitting alongside a smaller row of disks, all with letters, that "come and go" as they get populated.

The "code" for one reads: "Go DRIVEBUTTONS=fixed"

The other has: "Go DRIVEBUTTONS=cdrom,network,removable,hideempty"

There are, of course, many different variations that you can play on this theme.

I re-downloaded and reinstalled the x64 version but I still have only 4 default toolbars - ListerMenu, PathBar, Tabbar, Toolbar. No "drives" toolbar.

I understand how to create this but I would like to make sure that I'm getting a correct download to start things off. Little worried that something else could be missing.

It sounds like you didn't actually re-download - probably the file came out of your cache. Try clearing your internet cache and check that the file is actually downloaded properly before reinstalling.

No, I downloaded, that's positive. Should I have un-installed the 1st install? I just re-installed over the old one.

Hmm, something odd must be going on - I think uninstalling and reinstalling is your best course of action. If you've modified your configuration make sure you back it up first (Settings / Backup & Restore) and then restore it after reinstalling.

The uninstall and reinstall did the trick.

Unfortunately, I had to do it twice since restoring my configuration resulted in the disappearance of the toolbar. Thankfully, I hadn't done too much customizing yet and can remember most of what I had done.