Drop Down Menus Respect Modifiers

I made it so middle mouse button opens in new tab. And ctrl + middle mouse button opens in the destination lister new tab.

Drop down menus will execute the middle mouse button new tab, but not the ctrl + mm button destination new tab.

Middle mouse button on what?
Opens what in a new tab?
What did you configure, so that people reading can understand what you're talking about and what you want to extend?

There are lots of things you can click on in Opus to open tabs/folders, and we're left guessing so far.

Which drop-down menus? There are lots of different ones.

On any object where it's reasonable to have it. Currently all folders and drop down menu entries can open its path in a new tab when mm button pressed. But can't cross the newtab to the destination lister when Ctrl + pressed. Folders can but menus can't.

For anyone reading who wants to know how:
To get the middle mouse button = 'go newtab' I had to enable the middle mouse actions in Preferences/File Displays/Mouse.
Double Middle Enabled

And then in the File Types options, under '(none) all folders' / Events tab, I had to change the event:
Middle Double Event

I want all (reasonable) drop down menus to be able to execute this ctrl + mm behavior. Even the search field history and search results drop downs. I found that (currently) the recents list button does do it. Well, it overwrites the destination lister tab (instead of creating a new one). Otherwise no other drop down menu can do it.

Also, go-to location buttons having this modifier respect would be ideal.
Go To Buttons

I guess in a dual lister there are two copies of each button, but this would mitigate mouse cursor travel, at least.