Drop on copy window to queue

hello. Thanks for a great program. I'm an old amiga fan and you made the move from Amiga to PC easier for me. Thanks.

Here is what I miss. When I'm copying files I tend to forget some or there are files in another dir that have the same destination. If I drop the new files on the destination folder a new copy process starts and that is slower and reasource eating.
I would like to see drag 'n drop features on the move/copy windows. So if I'm copying a file from c: to d: and want files from e: to go to d: as well, I would just drop them on the copy from c: to d: window and Opus would copy them after finishing with copying from c: to d:.
Was that hard to understand?

I understood just fine - and for the case where you want to copy some other files to the same destination as a copy operation that's already in progress, the method you suggest is cool.

But I'd like to add that I think some of us would also still like to see some sort of 'global' Copy Queue feature so that even copy/move operations from and to different source and destinations could be queued up as well...

I was just thinking of posting about this myself, as its something Id like to see as well.

Id like to see it configurable on a per-drive basis though. For example, I might want unlimited copying to and from RAID array partitions, but queuing from single HDs and network drives. So, I could copy from a single HD, a network drive and a CD-ROM to the RAID at the same time, but with each of the three non-RAID sources maintaining its own queue of files to be copied.

A more advanced feature would be if the queues could also include reads from each drive as well. If I, for example, try to copy from the single HD to the network drive while copying from the RAID to the single HD, the copy action would be queued until the latter operation had finished. This kind of advanced feature isn`t that important though.

Middle clicking on the copy icon could add files to the front of the queue (or outside it, for forced simultanious transfer).

To help facilitate all this, the copy dialogue would need to be configured to appear away from the lister, say in the corner of the screen, instead of over it where it gets in the way of further user input. Actually, thats a feature Id like to see anyway - perhaps the file display border could temporarily be used to display a compact copy status message.

I've just joined this forum so I can make precisley this feature request - it would be great to be able to queue copy operations to and from variable sources and destinations.

The last post is from September 2005, and it hasn't been implemented yet so I'm not holding out that much hope!

Is there a list anywhere of upcoming features?