DropBox Active Sync

I have many folders under DropBox.
I'm using DropBox ActiveSync to mark some files and folders as "Online only"

The process to do this is:

  1. Right-Click on the folder in DO. (This takes between 3 and 5 seconds to show the menu)
  2. Click on Active Sync, to show a menu
  3. Choose "Online only"

I want to add a button to Directory Opus that will set the folder to be Online Only.

The ContextMenu command should be able to handle this.

No, it doesn't show in the list.
The Active Sync context menu option is not there!



Oh, that's disappointing! I don't have Smart Sync, so I can't dig any deeper. But I wouldn't be surprised if the Opus gods had an idea :slight_smile:

ContextMenu LABEL="Online Only" might work.

No sorry Leo,
Doesn't work.

There may not be a way to do it in that case. As far as I can tell, DropBox doesn't have an interface for controlling it other than via the context menu. There are some third party command line interfaces for Dropbox but I'm not sure if they can do this or if they work with DB Smartsync.

Might be something to ask the Dropbox developers if they provide a way of changing files' sync modes via anything other than the context menu, or if they could add menu verbs for doing so.

That was the first thing I did. The DB guys said something very similar to this. Haha!
I suppose it can't be done.

In the next update (12.16.4) this will be possible. The commands you'll need are:

ContextMenu LABEL="Smart Sync\Local" - available offline
ContextMenu LABEL="Smart Sync\Online Only" - available online only

Note that If your system isn't using English then the labels referred to in the command may be different.


Thanks Jon!