/dropbox not resolving

DOpus 12.7.5 on a W10 laptop with Dropbox 48.3.56 up and running, the new /dropbox alias does not resolve. I tried it in a VM with a near identical config and there it resolves as expected. Any idea why it might not be "seeing" Dropbox on the top level system?

We get the path from /localappdata/Dropbox/info.json or /appdata/Dropbox/info.json. Does that file exist (in either place) and is it readable?

Yes and yes. It exists in /localappdata/Dropbox/info.json and its contents are:

{"personal": {"path": "C:\\Users\\me\\Dropbox", "host": 23756372272, "is_team": false, "subscription_type": "Basic"}}

Does it really have double-backslashes in the "path" field or is that just an artifact of the forum?

Yes, really double backslashes.

Hmm. How does it compare with the file on your VM?

Another thing to check; on the main machine, you don't have a /dropbox alias of your own that might be conflicting?

Looks very similar on the VM.

{"personal": {"path": "C:\\Users\\admin\\Dropbox", "host": 5466064949, "is_team": false, "subscription_type": "Basic"}}

No user defined /dropbox alias on either.

What happens if you type /dropbox on the main machine?

Silly question but are you sure the main machine has the new beta installed?


As you can see, that's everything starting with /d


Please re-download the beta and see if it fixes it.

Thanks @Jon. That has done the trick.

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