Dropdown "Recent" show same folder multiple times

Vainly tried to figure out what to tag or untag in the settings->preferences, in order to have the 'Recent' drop down list show 1 instance only, instead of 5x the same.

Right now, when I click on -for example- D:\ it will show up 5x

like this:



From the file and deskop icons on the items, I'd say something is confused somewhere. Have you tried clearing the recent list, or does the same thing happen again?

Closed Opus (not exit) relaunched, whilst being in the same folder - the folder shows up 5-6x times.
Exit Opus, makes no difference, also 5-6x

Recent List: isn't enabled.
Lister History: Remember at most: 30 folders per list
FWIW: Smartfavories: not enabled

I think.. I 'discovered' the issue, i.e. why it is showing some many instances.

In path bar, rightclick on folder icon then Clear History.

Then drop down list
Again drop down list (not changing to another folder)
and again
You see it is adding the number of entries.

Like this

Still a bit strange though.


Try enabling the recent list.

Leo, is the the Recent drop-down list supposed to have icons visible? My drop-down list only shows the names of the folders I've visited, with no icons.

Depends which list / control we're talking about. Can you post a screenshot?

Here is the screenshot you asked for:

Edit it in Customize mode, and add the SHOWICONS argument. e.g. Recent SHOWICONS might be the command, if it was just Recent before.

You are amazing, as usual. Thank you.

Thanks Leo - sorry for the delay.

I enabled it - it remembers the last 2 folders only (although it is set to 30 I believe)
Meaning, I can jump to a dozen folders, but the drop down only shows the last 2.
I changed the 30 to 25- closed Opus and relaunched it, still the same.
(Opus 11.13.1)


It will only start remembering the recent list of folders from the moment you enable the recent list.

If it's only showing 2 that's probably because there are only 2 to show.

Also, assuming Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Recent List / Ignore filesystem folders that are only transited is on, folders only get added to the recent list when you do something in them other than going to another folder. That way the list does not fill up with folders you only pass through on the way to other folders.


Well, initially I selected maybe a dozen different folders, but 2 remained listed.

Ignore filesystem folders that are only transited: tagged.
However, closing and relaunching Opus, and subsequent selecting a number of folders - all the different folders show up alright.

So, it is okay now.


Gotta go ahead and bump this because 'Recent folders' is simply STUCK at 10 regardless of settings (I tried 15 and 20, reboot, same 10)

Please link your account, as requested in the other thread you bumped.

If you increase the number of recent folders, it won't take effect immediately, since it is the number of recent folders which Opus remembers on disk. You have to do things which add new folders to the recent list for it to start growing after increasing the number. (Note that just going to double-clicking through a folder will not normally be enough to add it to the list. You have to do things in it.)

DONE! Also, it has never worked, either Win7x64, Win8.1x64, now Win10x64...

After looking at it again today, it seems you have to increase both the Recent and History sizes for the path field's drop-down to display more items. (I've made a note to look at the code in detail to see if there's a good reason for that.) Try setting both to 20, and you should see them grow.

(Note that the drop-down will use a scrollbar once it goes above 10 or so items, which is easy to miss if the path field is quite wide.)