Dropdown to filter files by age

See files modified within a certain period like modified 3 hours back or 1 day etc with dropdown...as people often download new files(pics,movies) and want to filter them


You can filter by date already, and make a menu or buttons that apply different date filters to the current folder using the select command and filters.

Using labels to highlight new files is another option which many people use, and is easy to set up.

Or just sorting (or grouping) by date, which is is even easier and gets a similar results for download folders that have a mix of old and new files.

how to create above like dropdown command on toolbar with those options

There are a few ways it can be done, but this is probably the easiest:

First, go to Preferences / File Operations / Filters and define any filters you want for your menu.

A couple of examples:

Then make a menu containing commands like these, which hide things based on the filters you just defined:

Select "Modified Last Hour" FILTER FILTERFLAGS=hidenomatch
Select "Modified Today" FILTER FILTERFLAGS=hidenomatch

Some alternative methods are discussed here:

Have a look at this script. It might be close to what you are after.

Will u pls edit the below command to use it for 3 hours and for 2 days and 3 days.

Select "Modified Last Hour" FILTER FILTERFLAGS=hidenomatch

You can make whichever filters you need as shown in my post above.

Changing a filter from 1 hour to 3 hours or 2 days is as simple as clicking the number and the duration dropdown and changing the values.

Are these correct,if not edit it

Select "Modified 3 Hours" FILTER FILTERFLAGS=hidenomatch
Select "Modified Yesterday" FILTER FILTERFLAGS=hidenomatch
Select "Modified 2 Days" FILTER FILTERFLAGS=hidenomatch

No, they aren't correct. Everything you need is above. Take the time to read and understand it.

The forum is here to help, not to do literally everything for you.

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