DTD/description for theme.xml

Hi all

I am still working with a Theme from 2005 (!). I spent now some time to make it compatible for version 12. theme.xml is a part of the .dtl file.
But a few things I find hard to figure out - trial and error. So, a description or dtd would be very helpful. Additionally, because my theme is stone age old and some properties came later. I have 2 specific question.
1: What is for?
2. List of props where I can apply a font.


XML-based themes from old versions should still work in newer versions. If there's a problem with a specific theme, let us know what the problem is and which theme it's in and we can probably fix it.

You should not normally edit that XML by hand. There is no need to.

No problems. That was a stone age old theme containing only a prefs.dpf and a theme.ini.
Oh, that was swallowed up in my previous message writing < and >:

  1. What is //opus_theme/images/config good for?
    Find it hard to figure this out. But ok.


Old non-XML themes can be converted by loading them into an old but slightly less old version of Opus and saving them out again. We can do that for you if you point us tot the theme that needs it.

Converting them into XML by hand is not best the way to do things.

I don't know off the top of my head. There's probably no reason to ever mess around with that.