Dual folder tree keeps returning

My listers have suddenly started insisting on inserting dual folder trees in the dual display (see Lister display attached). I have tried changing my preferences by going to Listers/Folder tree and selecting "Share single tree between dual file displays" (see Prefs folder tree), and to Listers/Styles/Dual display/Tree and selecting Folder tree/Single (Prefs styles). It works for that moment, but the next time I open a lister, there is the dual folder tree again - and I don't want it. Any suggestions, please?

Which method are you using to open new listers?

If you haven't configured Opus to load a particular Layout when you launch a lister, then get 'current' lister in single-tree mode and then go to Settings->Set As Default Lister... Better?

If not, then it sounds likely that you've set Opus to open a custom layout, which you'll then need to make sure and re-save with a single-tree happening.

Nudel: I open by double-clicking on the desktop, by right-clicking on the desktop or on the DOpus icon in the notification area, or by opening My Computer. Steje: thanks - that has solved the problem, but (I think) at the cost of flexibility. It opens the right layout, but always the same folders, and I liked the fact that it would previously open the last-used view. Thank you both for replying so swiftly.

Turn on Preferences - Listers - Options: Update Default Lister automatically when closing a lister and whenever you close the lister it will be saved as the new Default Lister, including the paths it is showing, so the next time you open a new lister it will be showing the same places (and look the same, same tree etc.).