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Dual License Upgrade to one License


I have a Dual License of version 10 and want to upgrade to Version 12. When I originally purchased my licenenses, I thought I needed two, one for my work PC and one for my laptop. However I learned one license covers a PC and Laptop. So I think I need to upgrade to a single license version. The cost of upgrading a single rather than a dual license is around $20.

My question is if I only upgrade to a single license, can I upgrade my other license later, and how much will it cost?

Will my license still work as a dual License, one upgraded working on Version 12 and one still working for version 10?

I'd like to save the $20 bucks if I don't need both license upgraded, and have the option to still use the license on older version with the ability to upgrade the other half of the license at a later time, at the discounted price.

What are my options in upgrading a Dual Licenses?


The Licencing FAQ covers when the laptop licence can be used, and also has a section on upgrading just one licence from multiple.

As per the top item in the FAQ, please email our sales address if you have more questions, and they can help with individual circumstances or anything which the normal order/upgrade forms don't handle.