Dual lister use the one that has focus

Sorry about the thread title but I couldn't fit it in few words. I almost always work with dual listers and my problem is that when I open a folder via an external app like Everything or direct folders etc, sometimes (maybe half of the times) the folder opens but not on the lister that has the focus, it open on the unfocused lister (instead of the "green" lister it opens in the "orrange" one).

I have checked the option "open external folders in new tab" in order to work with Everything.

Please help me to overcome, thanks.

Lister is the word for the whole top-level window. Are we talking about two separate listers, side by side, or a single lister with dual file displays inside it?

How are Everything and Direct Folders configured to open folders? If I recall, they may be configured to run specific commands rather than simply launch the folder like it was double-clicked, which could be important.

hi leo, I am talking about a single lister with dual display.
Everything and Direct folders are not configured.
To give an example:

I have a lister with a single display, lets say SD card with photos.
I press the hot key to make it a lister with a dual display
the new display now takes the focus and opens a predefined folder (as I have set it in settings)
I open Everything and type "holidays" to open my holidays pictures folder in the dual part of the lister that has the focus and start copy operations
the folder "holidays" opens, but it opens in a new tab on the dual part of the lister (orange tabs) that are my photos and has not the focus instead of open in the dual part of the lister that has the focus (green tab)

I don't think it has to do something with Everything app, as I experience it with other functions, for example I have a single lister with dual display and of course focus in one display, then I plug in an external HD. Windows pop up a window asking me what I want to do with the HD, then I choose open in Dopus and indeed it opens in Dopus but again many times in the wrong part of the lister that doesn't have the focus (orange tabs default color).

I hope I am making sense otherwise I upload a video.

That makes sense, but when I do the same things here, the new tab always opens on the active/source side.

Are you using Opus 11.12 or another version?

it doesn't have to do with the version as I have noticed it since v.10

I will make a video tomorrow and post the share link, please check back tomorrow, thanks

The version might be important if we've made changes since the one you are using. It doesn't hurt to know what it is.

I am sorry about the late reply but what I meant was that I was away from a computer all day and couldn't reply.

The version that I use is 11.12 x64 Build 5532, 23 Feb