Dual Listers

I'm not sure if this is a bug or intentional, or I'm missing the point of how this should work.

I always used to use DO with a single Explorer type lister (no tabs), but after reading the 101 article I've been using a double lister with tabs.

The 'problem' is that on occasion I now wish to work with a single lister and I enter that mode by untoggling the 'dual lister' buton, which works fine.

However if I hit the button again then when the dual lister view reappears I've lost the tabs that I had set up previously.

Is this a bug or do I need to go through the process of saving the tabs as a tab style and then need to code a button to open that dual view and associate the tab style with that view. Or of course just use a button to go back to that view.

Anyway the question is I guess should those tabs be remembered or not?

It's not a bug.

By default, if you close something, it's gone; if you open something else, it's something else.

However, you can tell Opus to remember the stuff you closed and re-open it when you turn the dual display back on, by changing your Dual Display button to this:

Set DUAL=Toggle,Remember

Brilliant that works perfectly.

Is there also a way of making the right hand portion of the dual display be the source before the toggle takes place, thereby giving a common reference as it seems the source lister is the one that is retained?

Yes, using Set SOURCE=right or similar. See the manual for the full list of what you can do.