Dual Pane Lister - Status Bar Issues

I use a dual pane lister display with a status bar for each pane, but I am having difficulty getting the status bars to show correctly.

First, I don’t know if this is a problem or not but when I enter Preferences or right click the status bar and click "Edit Status Bar" "Separate Dual-Display Status Bar" is selected but the code on shows a single display; I must click the button to change it to Dual. I believe that in the past as long as the "Separate..." box was checked that it always showed the dual status bar code.

I have the status bar codes set up so that each status bar should be the same but they aren't. For example though Lock Status is coded for both the Left and Right panes, only one padlock shows and it controls both panes. So for whatever reason DOpus insists on showing my Program Files folder as thumbnails and I have to manually change it back to Details every time. With Program Files showing in the Left pane I clicked Folder Options>Format Lock after setting Program Files to Details. However it also locked the Right Pane, which was showing a picture folder with thumbnails. So the Left pane now wants to show ALL folders as Details and the Right pane shows all folders as thumbnails. IOW there is no separate lock available for each pane separately. Here is the status bar coding:

{h!L}<#FF0000> {hiL} hidden </#>{h!L}
{i:dir} {sdL} / {tdL}
{i:.txt} {sfL} / {tfL}
{h!L} {smp3L} /{h!L}{h!L} {tmp3L} {h!L}
{sbaL} / {tbaL}
{h!L} {dfL} {bgL+w=50,f=2,b=#f0f0f0,c1=#68f040,c2=#f06840,g=0} {h!L}{rleft-}
{h!R}<#FF0000> {hiR} hidden </#>{h!R}
{i:dir} {sdR} / {tdR}
{i:.txt} {sfR} / {tfR}
{h!R} {smp3R} /{h!R}{h!R} {tmp3R} {h!R}
{sbaR} / {tbaR} {rpad}
{h!R} {dfR} {bgR+w=50,f=2,b=#f0f0f0,c1=#68f040,c2=#f06840,g=0}{h!R}

I do have DOpus set to change formats based on content but it gets it wrong so much that I am going to disable that setting.

Any ideas?

Thank you.


Neither of those things is a bug.

When "separate dual-display status bar" is enabled, the single-display definition is still used for single-display windows, so it remains editable (and happens to be the one shown by default when the Prefs window opens).

The format lock affects the entire lister, not individual file displays. It is intended to be a quick way to temporarily lock the formats in-place when doing something unusual.

If you want particular folders to use different formats, see the Folder Format FAQs for suggestions.

Thank you.

BTW, who said that anything was a bug? I don’t believe I mentioned that word at all. I simply called it an issue, which it was as long as it is acting in a way I didn't expect without knowing why.