Dual Tree-View turns to single and jumps right

Hi there! o)

When opening trees in dual mode (horiz) with

Set TREE=on,left,right

I see two trees on the left of the two file displays (expected so far).
When using

Set TREE=off

the two trees dissapear on the left, and a single tree opens on the right (unexpected).
Calling Set TREE=off another time has no effect, the tree seems to be a left over.

When doing all this on a dual vert lister, a tree remains open right between the filedisplays not on the right side.

Thanks, tb! o)

That's by-design. In the (strange) case where you only want a tree for the right/bottom file display, and none for the left/top display, nor a shared tree, the tree will appear on the right.

But how do I switch off the trees with the SET command, when having both of them open?
Set TREE=off has no effect to get rid of the zombie-tree appearing on the right. A persistent tree? o)

It seems Set TREE=off,left,right does the trick to get rid of both at once. A taste of weirdness remains though. o)

The zombie-tree does actually work for both filedisplays here and follows both.
So is that really the same "strange-case tree" you refer to?

I am just suspicious, because the GUI really gets in trouble at times here when playing with these trees:

If you explicitly open a tree on the right, you also have to be explicit about closing that tree. Your "Set TREE=on..." command should match the "Set TREE=off..." command if you want it to do the opposite thing.

(Also note Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Open second Folder Tree in dual display mode. You can tell Opus to open the second tree automatically, if you always want it in dual modes.)

Zombie-tree? I thought it was just appearing in a place you didn't like, or is there something else wrong with it, like it isn't actually responding in some way, or craves braaaaainz? :slight_smile:

You presumably have Preferences / Folder Tree / Options / Share single tree between dual file displays turned on, which explicitly enables this behaviour.

Please start a dedicated thread for it, and (most importantly) tell us how we might reproduce it.