Dual Vertical... Display Tabs vanished

Please Help.

I have managed somehow to lose the tabs at the top of the DOpus Window for Tabbed Vertivcal, Tabbed Hor, Explorer etc...

Anyway I think I have managed to lose them as I have recently upgraded to version, and since then I can't find them, so either the upgrade has removed them or I have something silly.

Does anyone know how I can get these back as I need them all the time.



Try seeing if you have a View->Toolbars->Tabbar item checked from the Dopus menu bar... if it's there and not checked - check it :slight_smile:.

Thanks, but I think it might be the latest version, as the View -> Toolbars -> Tabbar no long exists, infact the View -> Toolbars nolonger exists either

Right-click an empty place on your toolbars and you'll get a menu which has the Toolbars list. You can also go to Customize for the same list in a dialog.

And from my personal experience, default 'Opus' toolbars like the tabbar that I've manually deleted just because I don't use them are actually re-installed by applying an Opus update. If you still don't see it after checking the Customize dialog like Nudel mentioned, then maybe you might want to just re-install the update again and check your toolbars before you do 'anything' else... or paste this into a new tabbar.dop file in the opus Buttons folder: <?xml version="1.0"?> <toolbar> <wallpaper enabled="yes" type="share"> <std_type>toolbar</std_type> </wallpaper> <buttons child_effect="saturate" child_icons="on" child_icon_size="small" child_labels="off" display="icon" effect="gray" type="menu"> <button display="label" effect="gray" field_type="style_tab" size="full" theme="yes"> <label>Styles:</label> <tip>Displays a row of tabs enabling you to easily switch between Lister Styles</tip> <function type="normal"> <instruction>Prefs STYLELIST</instruction> </function> </button> </buttons> </toolbar>

It's not in the View menu (never was afaik), it's in the Settings menu: Settings - Toolbars

'doh... and so Tanis talks sense!

and that, boys and girls is why shouldn't go telling people where to find stuff after you've moved items on your default menu bar/ListerMenu. I keep forgetting I change stuff from the defaults, dam those GPSoft guys - making such a configurable program...

I've made a hotkey which toggles the default menu and toolbar so I can quickly check where things are when helping people. :slight_smile:

I'm sure that if you ask nicely, GPSoftware will send you a modified serial number which will prevent access to the configuration and preferences dialogs if you prefer Steje...

That will prevent future confusion. :smiley:

Haha... curious though if gavinjb is good to go? We hijacked his question to laugh at me :wink:.